Patent Checklist

The following information is necessary for Patents+TMS to discuss preparation and/or filing of a patent application:

  • Title of Invention (Provide a title that briefly describes the invention.)
  • Name(s) and Citizenship(s) of Inventor(s) (List all inventors and attach additional page, if necessary.)
  • Address(es) of Inventor(s) (List all addresses and attach additional page(s), if necessary.)
  • Assignee (Identify any individual, company, or other entity to which the invention will be assigned. Include name of entity, address, and state of incorporation, if applicable.)
  • THE INVENTION: (Describe the invention in sufficient detail to give us a general understanding of the invention for which you are seeking patent protection. The information does not need to include every detail of the invention; please provide sufficient detail for us to initiate further discussion with you regarding the information necessary to prepare a patent application and satisfy the requirements of the U.S. Patent Office.)