Gerardo Contreras

Gerardo Contreras Administrative Assistant/Graphic Designer
Gerardo is an artist who grew up drawing, painting, and indulging his appetite for creativity. He decided to focus his career in visual communications. With an Associates of Applied Science in Graphic Design and Multimedia from Westwood College of Technology, Gerardo has been able to cultivate his artistic skills in a more professional and digital setting. He also attended audio/video and digital multimedia classes at Harold Washington College. To stay relevant, Gerardo is self-taught in modern software and trends.

Gerardo is driven by his love of learning and the need to prevail in graphic design and multimedia. He is always looking for new ways to visually communicate the "big idea". He finds inspiration in magazines, books, art shows, cultural events, and by simply paying attention to his surroundings.

His passion for creativity and visual appeal is expressed in many other forms. He dabbled in video, photography, print, repurposing things, installation art, and customizing things to his liking. Every chance Gerardo gets at being creative, he exerts his skills to do the best he can.

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Motorcycles, movies, novelties, comedy, chocolate, learning, laughing, traveling, history, meeting people, technology, museums, and of course art.

Clifton Frei

Clifton Frei Administrative Assistant
Clifton is a writer and performer who has spent his adult life successfully balancing career with his creative pursuits. He began his professional life in Virginia Beach as a tax preparation and software systems analyst for the Jackson Hewitt franchise of tax preparers. When the company relocated to Florida, he accepted an Account Executive position with a major mortgage lender in Richmond, VA. He expressly denies all fault for the housing crisis, as he consistently advised clients about the actual costs of highly flexible, adjustable rate mortgages during his tenure at the bank.

Throughout this period, Clifton was conducting a parallel, creative life as an actor, stage manager, and lighting technician, with theaters in Virginia Beach, Richmond, and Petersberg, VA. In 2008, he moved to Chicago to pursue a theatrical career in earnest and since that time has been seen performing and/or co-writing main stage shows with the Neo-Futurists, the Hypocrites, and others.

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His wife, people, theatre, Chicago Bulls basketball, film, art, the stone circles and henges of the U.K., vaudeville, music, 90's music, space, people in space, the early space program, vegan food, fried chicken, Douglas Adams, Deadliest Catch, and most other people/things in general.

Werner Ochoa

Werner Ochoa Administrative Assistant and Docket Clerk
Werner joined Patents+TMS in April 2013 as an administrative assistant and docket clerk following many years of administrative and organizational experience. He earned a technical degree in Accounting while pursuing his BA in Administration at DeVry University. To keep up with today's business world, Werner obtained certified training in office management and computer software applications at Harold Washington College.

Werner loves living in Chicago because it is a vibrant city with friendly people, diverse communities, and breath-taking architecture. An avid coffee lover and connoisseur, Werner devotes his free time volunteering for non-profit and outreach community organizations, as well as to improve his French language skills.

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Architecture, Baroque music, museums, visual arts, Independent films/foreign movies, ethnic foods, foreign languages, coffee tasting, astronomy, theater and opera, analysis, history, running, Bikram yoga, advocacy for animals, coffee tasting, planning events, and walking tours.