Our Services

Patents+TMS specializes in the preparation and filing of patent and trademark applications in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent applications may be related to inventions whose first filing is in the United States, or applications that are being nationalized from a filing in another country or from a filing under the provisions of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). In addition, our firm conducts novelty searches and provides opinions with respect to patentability as a result of those searches. Also, invalidity searches and opinions and non-infringement searches and opinions are also services provided by our firm. For more detail regarding these patent related services, please go to the Patent sub-tab under LEARN.

Trademark applications are filed for our clients for names, logos, phrases, designs or other source identifiers associated with or used on or proposed for use on or with goods or services of our clients. Like patent applications, a trademark application may be one that is filed in the United States first and/or subsequently filed outside of the United States. Or, the trademark filing by our firm in the U.S. Trademark Office may be from an application first filed in another country. Our firm also conducts trademark searches with opinions with respect to the registrability of a mark as a result of that search. For more information regarding trademark related services, please go to the Trademark sub-tab under LEARN.