Brian M. Mattson

Brian M. Mattson President & Managing Partner
Registered Patent Attorney

In 1998, Patents+TMS was founded by Brian Mattson. After more than ten years of experience in intellectual property law including as a law partner at a large Chicago IP firm and as a former patent examiner at the U.S. Patent Office, Brian sought to begin a law firm that focused on patent prosecution and trademark prosecution as well as opinion work for issues that commonly arise with both patents and trademarks. Brian recognized the need for individual inventors, emerging companies in various technologies and other small to mid-sized companies to have legal representation that put their prosecution interests first! More than twelve years later--and counting, Patents+TMS continues to fulfill the goals that Brian sought out!

In 1982, Brian began his technical training by studying electrical engineering at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. Following graduation in 1986, Brian began his tenure at the United States Patent Office in Arlington, Virginia. At that time, not only was technology just beginning to boom, but computers and applications using a computer that inventors were pursuing, such as data processing and imaging, were skyrocketing! At the same time, patent applications were being filed at a pace that had never been experienced at the Patent Office. Hiring of new, skilled Patent Examiners with technical backgrounds — particularly in electrical and computer engineering — was high priority at the U.S. Patent Office. With hundreds of Patent Examiners beginning their employment at the Patent Office when Brian started, the Patent Office hired Brian as a Patent Examiner to examine patent applications in what is now Group 2900 (formerly Group 230). The original Group 230 received the first applications for computer software filed at the Patent Office, and Brian experienced first-hand the evolution of decisions regarding the patentability of software-related patents at the Patent Office. Brian's particular area of expertise as a Patent Examiner included a diverse range of patent applications incorporating measuring and testing devices and computer applications of the same.

After working for one year as a patent examiner, Brian began night school at George Mason University School of Law in Arlington, Virginia. Law school each and every night after a full day's work at the Patent Office made for a demanding four years of both work and school! George Mason University School of Law is recognized as one of the top forty law schools in the country molding its program after the University of Chicago with an emphasis on law and economics. Brian studied under one of the premier 'gurus' of patent law — Irving Kayton, and also studied anti-trust law under the esteemed Judge Douglas Ginsburg — yes, the same judge who is remembered as the only Supreme Court nominee to be withdrawn from consideration because he smoked marijuana. In 1991, Brian graduated from George Mason and simultaneously resigned from the Patent Office to pursue a position as an associate attorney with a law firm.

To that end, Brian accepted an associate attorney position with the Chicago patent law firm of Hill, Van Santen, Steadman and Simpson. Chicago seemed a natural fit for Brian because he loves the atmosphere of big cities and what they have to offer, and also due to his midwest roots — growing up in Morton, Illinois, just south of Peoria — yes, Caterpillar tractor country where Brian's dad spent the bulk of his career. At the Hill law firm, Brian prepared patent applications and trademark applications for individual inventors, small businesses and large, multi-national corporations, such as Siemens, Sony, Wrigley and Baxter Healthcare. Before starting Patents+TMS, Brian became a shareholder with the Hill law firm.

In addition to his law practice, Brian is former President of Bucktown Fine Arts, the organizers and promoters of the Bucktown Arts Fest and concurrently founded Bucktown Promotions that began the Bucktown Holiday ArtShow in 1998 — both events taking place in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago. Not only did participation in these events satisfy Brian's desire to work within the community, but they also honed his interest and knowledge of the arts in all media and the ability to work with all sorts of different people in all walks of life!

When Brian started Patents+TMS, he wanted a casual atmosphere to be enjoyed not only by him and those who worked at the firm, but also wanted an environment that gave clients of the firm a sense of relaxation, and yet professionalism, when they visited. So, unlike a more traditional downtown 'Chicago loop' location, Brian chose to open Patents+TMS in the eclectic West Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago, which is located about five miles north and west of the center of the city. Conveniently located near the California El stop on Chicago's transit system, the firm is situated about halfway between downtown and O'Hare. This year, Brian updated the outside of the office---doing some painting and plantings to give the firm a better look from the street! The firm's new street friendly appearance complements the continously changing neighborhood as more restaurants, galleries, shops and other businesses begin moving into the neighborhood--one that Patents+TMS pioneered about five years ago when we moved into our current location.

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Registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Sworn member of the Illinois State Bar.


  • Member of the Intellectual Property Law Association of Chicago (IPLAC)
  • Member of the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA)
  • Member of the International Trademark Association (INTA)

Dining out, movies, live theater, antiques, collectibles, art — modern and contemporary, outsider art and folk art, museums, buying and selling on eBay, mid-century modern furniture and decor, sporting events, golfing, skiing, tennis, biking, working out, renovating homes, architecture and design, planning events, traveling — particularly to New York City and London and to any destination which Brian has never visited.

Daniel L. Pollmann

Daniel L. Pollmann Patent Attorney
Daniel graduated summa cum laude from South Dakota State University with two Bachelor of Science degrees - one in Electrical Engineering and one in Engineering Physics. While at SDSU, Daniel was actively involved in Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, with the local chapter being named outstanding chapter in the nation. Daniel was also the founding President of the SDSU Student Alumni Association.

Daniel entered industry as an engineer at TRW, Inc., the prime integration contractor for the Command Center for the U.S. Air Force - an underground command and control facility with state of the art communications and audio-visual capabilities.

After gaining broad experience in engineering, Daniel attended University of Minnesota Law School receiving his Juris Doctorate degree cum laude in 1993. As a law student, he worked part-time during the school year as an intellectual property law associate at Merchant & Gould in St. Paul and Minneapolis. Daniel developed a love for Chicago the summer after his first year of law school when he became a summer IP associate for Roper and Quigg on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, across the street from one of his favorite places - the Art Institute of Chicago. Summers in Chicago can't be beat!

It's the winters that one could do without. After his second year of law school, Daniel continued his love for Chicago by accepting another summer IP associate position - this time at Leydig, Voit & Mayer overlooking Grant Park and the lakefront. Upon graduation, Daniel joined Hill, Steadman & Simpson on the 85th floor of the Sears Tower. While enjoying the lofty views of Soldier Field, the city and the lakefront, Daniel passed the Patent Bar in 1995. Daniel was also an associate IP attorney at McAndrews, Held & Malloy in Chicago. As an IP associate, Daniel concentrated on patent prosecution matters within a broad range of arts, including medical devices, manufacturing and packaging systems, agricultural systems, semiconductors, appliances, and automotive parts.

Daniel also held the position of General Counsel at a top 25 credit card-issuing bank, handling all regulatory, marketing and legal affairs for the bank. Daniel was integrally involved in the successful sale of the privately-held bank.

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Registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
Sworn member of the Illinois State Bar.
Sworn member of the Arizona State Bar.


  • Member of the Arizona State Bar Association

Daniel is interested in motorsports (especially Formula 1), sports cars (especially Porsche), art and design. Much of his time is happily hectic with his wife Amina and their toddler twins Zain ("I'm a boy!" he proudly exclaims to those that mistake his long hair and cute face for being a girl) and Zara (who loves all princesses and tells stories of unicorns living at the ends of rainbows).

Brad J. Mandir

Brad J. Mandir Attorney
Brad was born and raised in Maryland. In 2010, he received his degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park. In completing his electrical engineering degree, Brad took several courses on electronic circuit design and fabricated integrated circuits from a silicon wafer. While an undergraduate, Brad was a member of Eta Kappa Nu, an Electrical Engineering Honor Society.

After graduating from the University of Maryland, Brad pursued his dream to become a patent attorney and moved to Chicago to attend law school at Chicago-Kent College of Law. While attending law school, Brad took advantage of Chicago-Kent’s strong Intellectual Property program and completed several courses in Patent Law. Brad’s interest in patent prosecution grew in his Patent Office Practice class where he drafted a patent application and responded to an office action. Also while at Chicago-Kent, Brad participated in the Intellectual Property Patent Law Clinic and was a member of the Intellectual Property Law Society.

After three incredible years in Chicago, Brad decided to stay in the Windy City and made Chicago his home.

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Sworn member of the Illinois State Bar


  • Member of the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA)
  • Member of the Intellectual Property Law Association of Chicago (IPLAC)

Brad is a huge sports fan. He loves watching his Maryland Terrapins and traveling to sporting events. He also enjoys playing fantasy football and loves binge watching various television series on Netflix.